Help Wanted: Creative Leadership to Beautify the World

4 min readSep 21, 2022


We do need this don’t we?

As a world. A collective of humans. A collective of animals. We need to step into our personal leadership.

In a time of war for many.

In a time of climate change.

In a time of pondering about the future for our kids.

We need inspired leadership to beautify the world. We need ideas that are insightful and uplifting to the natural world. Leadership to cultivate solution-based outcomes for planetary thrive.

Photo credit: Lewis Parsons

I want this for my kids and do see burgeoning reflections of this idea in the good news like Yvon Chouinard, his spouse, and children gave away their ownership of profits to a collective to invest in ways to adapt to climate change.

Good things are happening.

As we settle into the good we can be inspired around ways to continue beautifying the world. Motivational awareness help us to continue turning the wheels of change in the direction of adaption. Climate change can be the impetus for functional shifts to economies of scale.

California has added adaptations to needs of power with landmark policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the tune of 40% less greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. That is just 8, almost 7 years away!

This is good news.

While we can celebrate the good in humanity who are prioritizing the details (thankfully), let us lift up youth and children to feel empowered to innovate adaptating strategies. The younger generations bring an evolutionary adaptation unlike anything Gen X and senior adults can imagine. Today’s youth offer neuroplasticity that is creative and dynamic.

Beautifying the world as adults is tricky at best. We can adapt. Yes.

However, tuning into the pulse of our children and youth can bring forward answers rooted in creativity. Shifting the way we see our kids, we can better understand that our earth communicates through energy.

Photo Credit: Robert Collins

We can experience energetic pulses from the earth when we meditate. Children spend a great deal of time meditating. You may not recognize it as a seated lotus pose yogi with closed eyes. However, in the action of play, the meditative quality of the activities rooted in imagination empower our children and youth to create adaptive resources now and will in the future, too.

Photo Credit: Mi Pham

As guardians of our kids, we do have to plot a game plan for getting us into a better state of the world. It’s important to give them a chance to elevate our work without requiring them to start from scratch.

Photo Credit: Ben White

As diplomats and business leaders patch together a system based upon an old way of doing business, we find that small strides forward are happening all around us. To amplify and elevate these movements toward adaptation, innovators and thought leaders must fortify the impacts of climate change with new ways of crafting solutions. It’s truly imperative now.

I do see the residual impacts of hoarding wealth to be one example of how developed countries have responded to climate change. To hoard the possibility of being able to afford the shifts and changes to keep a global economy afloat while patching together solutions that can help.

However, we haven’t seen commitments to larger scale solutions that can help. International collaboration is poorly realized as individual nations sort out their own problems of politics and discord. This is where we insert innovative thought of youth and children. Creative play and identity of being creative are negligent in the climate change solutions of diplomats and business leaders.

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

Fortunately, the creatives will hopefully engulf the political leaders with undeniable solutions to benefit all animals and humans. The earth’s creative potential is unlimited. And while we spend time exploiting as we have for so long, the children and youth are listening and receiving the earth’s universal energy in ways to ignite change and forward momentum through their experiences today.

These experiences will shift and change and be influenced by education and delightful conversations with scientists, spiritual leaders, farmers, and those who understand the natural world.

I am putting my whole bet on the unfolding of the future in this way. How do you see things playing out? I would love to read your comments below!




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