Spring Alive

3 min readMar 30


There has never been a better time to be enlivened by life!

“Be here now.”

- Ram Dass, Be Here Now

Remember this book? Ever read it? The title has transcended the book. However, the book IS a good one, published the month I was born. Being present is the focal point of adding a Spring cleanse ritual to your self care practices at this time of year.

Why add a Spring Cleanse ritual to your life now?

Spring cleansing is a natural activity in our homes and in our bodies, too! You may find that your body is beginning to communicate with you that you need to eat more produce that is in season now. Natural cleansing vegetables like artichokes, nettles, celery, and radishes are more readily available in the farmer’s markets. You may also see dandelion weeds springing up everywhere in your garden and garden. These are natural gifts from the earth to cleanse our body. Our bodies’ language is synchronizing with the earth’s offerings.

It’s a natural process.

What is happening?

The body is naturally sloughing off the Winter fat layers to be more comfortable in the warmer environment of Spring weather. To slough the fat, it takes resources from the body which may feel like fatigue and sensitivity in the body. If you are continuing to eat rich fatty food in the Spring, you may experience belly bloat and skin rashes or acne. These are the body’s unique communications to help you understand what you need to do next (see above).

In Ayurveda, we understand that the body’s transition from Winter to Spring is one of the toughest transitions for the body to make. This can present body signs of rashes, adult acne, body acne, and oily or dry scalp. You may experience symptoms of fatigue, belly bloat, and sensitivity. These are signs that cleansing the body internally would be welcome.

Ideas for Gentle Cleansing

Doubling down with intention at this time can elevate your vibration this Spring season. Add more fresh herbs in your cooking. Drink a juice or green smoothie for breakfast. Omit the coffee. Allow the body to reset.

Begin cleansing the body with clear water. Make it filtered if you can. Enjoy the watery clearing energy that happens in the body when we hydrate with intention.

Eat more seasonally fresh vegetables.
Add more vegetables at every meal. Minimize or do away with meat, fish, and chicken right now.

Eat clean organic seasonal vegetables and feel the body restore. These meats can house unprocessed emotions of the animals, heavy metals, and trace toxins that are unhelpful during a cleansing cycle. As the liver and kidneys work hard to cleanse, these extras in animal products may create unnecessary taxation on the 35+ body that is already processing a myriad of hormones from fluctuations of bodily changes that can present during perimenopause.

Lifestyle cleansing supports you.

Move toward a cleaner household with simple soap, water, and vinegar to clean up. Notice how the body responds. Take a minute and just sit with YOU. Cleanse the mind and uninstall your social accounts for a week. See how you feel the following weekend. It may feel good!

I’ll put this in another blog post. But for those of 35+, turning toward a monthly cleanse can ease up the need for a full-on blasting cleanse of drinking juice for 10 days. This is a depleting practice and requires the resiliency of youthful cells that have a swift turnover. After 35+, our cellular turn over time lengthens as our body begins to dry out and slow down with efficiencies.

Becoming aware of these fine-tuning to embrace the body’s capacity at every age, we find strength in actions that are supportive to our bodies!

Drop me a note at angela@yoginiprana.live or leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you with questions or ideas that I didn’t include here.

Enjoy this season of feeling ALIVE.




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